The team

This is us! Over time we’ve built a great team of interesting, talented and diverse people from within and outside the games industry, brought together by a love for games and by a love for games and a desire to share this love with non-gamers. Among us, you’ll find Artists, Designers, Programmers, Production, QA and Business Operations each with unique perspectives and a ton of mutual respect.

The team originally existed within a digital product design studio and while our team specifically makes games exclusively, we have kept a lot of that original DNA in the way we make games that try to challenge and re-think a lot of the conventions in the industry.

We empower everyone to do their best work, with a strong emphasis on personal development and close collaboration across disciplines. And we also like to be sociable for those who want to participate. On a normal lunch-time, you’ll see us playing weird and wonderful games together (on the studio sofas when we’re in) or checking out the latest industry trailers and innovative indies. When we’re remote, we try hard to keep having fun and maintain that sense of community.


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