Technical Director

This role requires someone to help facilitate teamwork and communication to build a balanced and best in class programming team.

#We’re looking for an experienced programmer to join our studio as Technical Director.

We are a small(ish) studio so this role will combine both hands-on responsibilities acting as Lead Programmer on one project along with cross-project management of our team of 8 programmers.

There will be a focus on people management and we’d really like for this role to coach individuals in the tech team on their personal development and enable lead programmers to unlock their line management potential. You will help to facilitate teamwork and communication within projects and proactively build a balanced and best in class programming team.

#Role & responsibilities

#Technical Director role

  • Oversee the programming discipline, helping to define our programming culture, analysing strengths and weaknesses and enabling development.
  • Share technical expertise with the lead programmers and collaboratively set up suitable working practices for each project.
  • Empowering and supporting leads to promote best practices for their project, helping them to identify and solve technical risks.
  • Ensure each Lead Programmer can define clear and challenging objectives to their team members.
  • Demonstrate good leadership, charisma, enthusiasm and sense of commitment.
  • Facilitate communication both within and across disciplines.
  • Promote cross-collaboration between teams, sharing lessons, enabling programmers to get involved with new processes and technology to strengthen their knowledge.
  • Manage the performance of the programming team, responsible for professional development and mentoring.

#Lead Programmer role

  • You will look after one project and manage direct reports on this project.
  • As part of project leadership, you will be collectively responsible for quality of the product and efficiency of the whole team (up to 10 people).
  • Lead the programming team on your project (up to 4 programmers), help plan and guide programming work
  • Collaborate with other leads on the project to help make design decisions that take into account technical cost and risk.
  • Line-manage other programmers, mentoring and supporting personal development within the team.
  • Ensure code quality and good working practices are developed and maintained
  • Own technical decision-making, building a codebase that can be iterated during development and is performant and maintainable after release.
  • Lead by example: write code, do code reviews, collaborate with designers and artists.
  • Guide engineering work from the very beginning of the project, from initial prototype to post-release support. Change approach to suit different stages of the project.


  • At least 9 years’ experience in the games industry
  • Experience working in multi-disciplinary small teams
  • A good people person, approachable and confident with leading teams
  • An interest in developing more junior members of the team and sharing expertise in effective line management
  • Broad knowledge of game development, spanning both the technical and creative areas of production.
  • Has worked on released titles on mobile platforms
  • Strong experience with Unity
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